Activision TV Introduces Patented Interactive, All in One, In-Room System

Activision TV, Inc., a pioneering technology and services company that leads the hospitality industry in the delivery of Real interactive in-room solutions, announces its patented, advanced Interactive 'All In One' in-room system. Activision TV designs, manufactures and licenses real interactive solutions that fuse the computer, Internet and TV to result in world-class guest service and top line revenue for operators.

Activision TV is an easy-to-use digital information and entertainment hub, combining broadband Internet and WiFi access that comes with wireless keyboard, mouse, built-in CPU and memory, and is a fully integrated audio/video system with DVD and surround sound capabilities. The system is designed for use with digital HDTV flat-panel LCD and plasma screens, and will be marketed under the Activision TV label.

Activision TV has ten patents and patents pending, with over 200 claims to cover the new technology. Activision TV's solutions provide view access to a single screen, or as many as four computer functions simultaneously, for word processing, data transfer, Internet access, e-mail, video games, DVD and more, while using WiFi connections. The system is fully HDTV/3D ready and all components function within a user friendly environment using Microsoft Windows XP Media Center and other compatible software.
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