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36 Percent of Biz Travelers Rethink Hotel When They Experience Bad Wi-Fi

iPass Inc., a provider of enterprise mobility services, has released survey findings that indicate hotels are potentially losing lucrative business travel customers with bad Wi-Fi offerings, whether it is a paid or free Wi-Fi service. 
While over 50 percent of business travelers inform the front desk when they have connectivity issues, the survey results show that for nearly 36 percent of business travel hotel guests —a bad experience affects whether they book that specific hotel. For a further 16 percent, a bad Wi-Fi experience influences their decision on whether to book with the same hotel chain again.
A report earlier this year from J.D Power & Associates indicated that Wi-Fi was a “top five ‘must-have’” amenity for hotel guests.  The iPass Hospitality survey findings are based on nearly 1,200 business travelers from around the globe. Forty-eight percent of respondents were surveyed in Europe and Asia while 47 percent of respondents were from North America. To access the report visit
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