Zoox Smart Data Poised to Continue Rapid Growth in 2021

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Zoox Smart Data ("Zoox"), an international provider of advanced technological solutions that harness big data to build detailed customer profiles over existing Wi-Fi networks, is set to maintain its impressive global expansion trajectory into 2021 with recent customer additions that include major organizations from the hospitality, travel and casino industries. Renowned brand names such as Royal Resorts are moving to adopt Zoox Smart Data solutions as competition continues to grow for providing guests with hyper-personalized experiences that translate into enhanced satisfaction, loyalty and business revenue.  
"The last few months have been an exciting period of ever-growing demand for Zoox solutions and has led to the establishing of a North American headquarters in the Atlanta metropolitan area along with the appointment of several new leadership figures, including Sandy James as Director of Business Development," said David Tyre, VP of Business Development- North America for Zoox. "Hospitality and travel businesses such as Royal Resorts are under increasing pressure to adapt to an industry where experience personalization is now essential to remaining competitive. We are honored to address a previously unfulfilled global market need using advanced technology that converts once unprofitable Wi-Fi services into an opportunity for greater guest experience satisfaction while boosting reputations and revenue."
In collaboration with Zoox partner, Single Digits, Royal Resorts is implementing the Zoox Smart Data platform for all public resort areas situated throughout Mexico. Providing the ability to monetize a property's guest internet service, Zoox Smart Data was further deployed for 2,000 guestrooms at one of Royal Resorts location. An advanced cloud-based solution, Zoox Smart Data significantly provides Royal Resorts and other hospitality or travel businesses with the opportunity to tap into demographic and psychographic analytics that are compiled on each guest. Valuable metrics that are stored in individual profiles and that can be used to identify guest preferences include marital status, income level, hobby interests and active memberships. Once a guest agrees to take part in the service, hotels and other organizations equipped with Zoox can then instantly begin to promote targeted offerings that resonate with personal needs or interests via Wi-Fi login landing pages. With Zoox's recent launch of local advertising capabilities, guests and travelers can even be made aware of nearby services and amenities that match their unique expectations for an ideal travel experience. Examples include regional tour guides, restaurants, bars, sporting events or souvenir shops.
"Each client continues to describe the integration of their Wi-Fi service with our Zoox platform as a previously untapped resource of customer intelligence that can take goals of achieving enhanced satisfaction, loyalty and profitability to new heights," said Sandy James, Director of Business Development - North America for Zoox. "Being able to instantly provide guests and travelers with details on services and offerings that actually relate to their interests and needs is fast becoming a defining factor in being able to run a successful business, and we expect that demand for our solutions will only continue to grow worldwide as more locations strive to provide the ideal experience for their customers."                   
In addition to expanding its customer base with clients such as Royal Resorts, Zoox has also entered into several agreements where organizations can leverage the company's flexibility to discover the benefits of using Zoox Smart Data technology. Examples include a hotel group with seven properties located throughout North America and a casino company that operates several locations in the United States. 
Zoox Media, a component of the Zoox Smart Data platform, has also played a central role in the company's ongoing rapid global growth. A solution that serves as a direct channel to promoting ads on personal devices and that offers detailed insight into the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, Zoox Media is now featured in 14 major airports in Portugal as well as 240 Louvre Hotel locations in France. Zoox Media has also been adopted by a mass transit company that operates 25,000 buses in Mexico.   

For more information, please visit www.zooxsmart.com.

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