Ziosk Expands Tech Platform

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
Ziosk Virtual is a QR code web solution that allows guests to use their mobile device for contactless ordering and payment.

Ziosk introduced the expanded Ziosk Platform, its suite of products to help restaurants
improve operational efficiency, further facilitate safe and secure contactless payment.

Ziosk, known for its tablets, now provides one intuitive experience across multiple solutions. The omnichannel Ziosk Platform is powered by its enterprise-grade software stack, and now features the following technology solutions:

  • Ziosk Virtual, a QR code web solution for personal devices that allows for contactless menu browsing, ordering and payment directly from the guest’s personal device.  Ziosk Virtual is integrated directly into the Point of Sale, providing a seamless experience for both the guest and the restaurant. 
  • Ziosk Mini, a smaller version of the Ziosk Original with a 60% smaller footprint, designed with two-top tables and bar service in mind.  
  • Ziosk Pro, a handheld tablet for servers, allows for an expedited order and payment process, as well as contactless payment and card present transactions at the table.  Ideal for curbside pickup and payment, line-busting and tableside service, Ziosk Pro is in final beta testing and will be available Q1 2021.
  • Ziosk Tether, a technology integration created for restaurants with existing POS systems in place to process secure EMV, NFC and P2PE payments.  With the liability shift from banks to restaurants, Ziosk Tether allows for upgraded payment security requirements to be met for those with legacy POS systems. 
  • Ziosk Original, the original tableside tablet for the restaurant industry.  It is an 8-inch guest-facing tablet that provides browsing, ordering and payment functionality, along with loyalty/e-club sign up, games and entertainment, surveys, promotions and a customizable user experience.  


Tableside Payment on the Rise

Payment on the Ziosk Original tableside tablet is at record levels, with an average use rate of 92% for all dine-in transactions.  This is an average increase of nearly 30% since the start of COVID.

Chris Artinian, Board Member of Ted's Café Escondido, said,  “As our restaurants have worked through the reopening phases, we have seen a sharp increase in the use of Ziosk by our guests, and it reaffirms Ziosk’s use as an aid to our servers, particularly as today’s guest prefers various levels of contactless ordering and payment. Ziosk continues to be an important partner to our business, our team members and to our guests.”

In order to help restaurants leverage Ziosk’s technology the company is offering a COVID Relief Pricing Program that will waive the monthly service fee until local government mandates allow for 100% occupancy. The goal of the program is to bring much needed technology for a safe, contactless ordering and payments experience.





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