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Y!kes Intros Tech for Next Gen Hotel Experience at HITEC

y!kes announces the launch of its automated access system engineered for today’s assortment of hotel properties. Designed to provide hotel guests a wide array of exciting user options, y!kes’ technology ensures a unique and memorable guest experience.
Serving as a software and hardware solution, y!kes presents the next generation of proximity-aware technology through the advancement of Bluetooth capabilities. Offering hotel properties specially engineered y!kes y-devices for install, and consumers a customizable mobile app available for download on Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Microsoft smartphones, these y!kes technologies work together to alter the consumer’s experience as soon as they step foot on the property.
Upon complete implementation, y!kes is able to retrieve data from the relevant Property Management System (PMS) to provide an alert through the custom mobile app on the day of check in. Because this alert details their hotel room number, direct bypass of the check-in counter is possible. For the full experience, guests need only to have the y!kes mobile app running in the background of their smartphone as they move about the property. Upon arrival, guests are granted immediate entry into any on-site parking garage, with future generations of the technology allowing for immediate activation of pre-determined temperature and lighting settings as specified in the mobile app.
As guests proceed to their rooms, y!kes y-devices recognize the guest and allow for key-less entry to their designated room upon a touch of the door handle. The same key-less entry also becomes available for common areas such as a pool or fitness center. For security, the system allows guests to enter only the permitted areas or floors based on their loyalty status or guest room. Come the day of check out, guests can check out via the mobile app from anywhere in the hotel and receive a bill directly to their designated email address.

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