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Workforce Management Solution Targets Limited-Service Hotels

Workforce-Velocity has recently entered the limited services market and aims to streamline operations and improve responsiveness by applying its labor management solutions to enhance the cross-functionality of smaller workforces.
Workforce-Velocity specifically targets three key functional areas of a limited services establishment: front and back of house operations and general management. The suite of workforce management solutions highlights transaction based scheduling to maximize cost per occupied room (CPOR), productivity management and auto scheduling through analytical workforce processes and IVR technology. This allows a high level view of each property and the ability to manage in real time, keeping already modest rates at a minimum, offering cost savings without effecting services and amenities.
“Our goal is to improve profitability- that’s the bottom line” Rick Mitchell, CTO said. “Properties of any size will benefit from our proprietary suite of workforce management solutions. Our patented design and Workforce Velocity Model is market proven to reduce operating costs, achieve measurable results, and streamline labor based occupancy fluctuations while not sacrificing service. Utilizing automation to reduce operating costs, protects your brand image to which transient customers are loyal and your service level remains constant so customers remain happy.”
Limited service hotels can enjoy the same automation as their larger counterparts with little upfront investment and integration with most existing software. Workforce-Velocity takes a more personalized approach to realized savings for companies operating in the hospitality industry by using benchmarks that are not only customized to the industry but to specific location and job function. This allows management to provide intelligent decision making data and savings for properties of any size in real-time.
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