Wix Acquires SpeedETab

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Wix, a global SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence, announced the acquisition of Miami-based ordering technology provider SpeedETab. The acquisition will further enhance Wix Restaurants, the solution to create and manage a full-service restaurant platform, by delivering a complete online experience for restaurant owners and ensuring their online success

Wix Restaurants is an all-in-one professional solution which allows restaurant owners to create an online and mobile presence, provide menus, take online orders and reservations, and receive payments. Over the past year, Wix Restaurants' global user base grew dramatically as restaurants needed to quickly move their services online and provide ordering, delivery, and pickup options. Wix Restaurants has continued to progress to meet these new and increasing demands. 

In the last two years alone, Wix Restaurants' monthly new sign-ups grew from hundreds to tens of thousands. Overall, the number of restaurants selling online grew by 143%, the number of online orders grew by 378% and the GPV grew by 449%. 

Enabling Integration

The SpeedETab acquisition will enable Wix Restaurants to integrate with various industry-leading restaurant POS systems, allowing restaurant owners to seamlessly manage all online and offline orders in one place. In addition, those owners will be able to easily manage orders from multiple channels in a unified experience, including orders coming from their website, as well as directly connect with several leading online marketplace channels and delivery partners. The solution will help restaurants expand and streamline orders and delivery to better serve customers. 

SpeedETab, a leading ordering and payment technology provider for the restaurant industry, provides users with an end-to-end online and mobile ordering solution. Founded in 2013, SpeedETab partners with multiple providers in the restaurant ecosystem to improve the experience for diners and drive revenue growth for restaurant owners. Internally, all SpeedETab employees will become Wix team members.



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