Wishbox Releases Room Upgrade Feature

Wishbox, a guest experience platform, released an entirely new feature designed to increase hotel profitability, generating more revenue for hotels by utilizing their online check-in. 

The room upgrade feature allows hotels to add room upgrade offers as part of their contactless check-in, based on live availability. Hotels can choose between presenting guests with set pricing for an upgrade or allowing guests to place a bid for a room upgrade, leaving it up to the hotel to choose whether they wish to approve the upgrade or not. 

Contactless check-ins have become widespread with increasing requirements to avoid queuing and crowding at hotels in efforts of offering guests a safe stay. The Wishbox online check-in allows hotels to collect all the details they need from guests ahead of time automatically, such as document scans, e-signatures, payments, and more. This allows hotels to reduce manual tasks at the reception desk, or alternatively offer a completely contactless check-in experience. 

Using the new feature, hotels can easily pull all the hotel room info and live availability from their property management system in order to instantly present guests with upgrade offers as part of the online check-in. Guests then have the option to purchase and pay for the upgrade right away, add the upgrade payment to their existing hotel bill or skip it. 

David Mezuman, co-founder and CEO of Wishbox says, "The online check-in has become the new standard in hospitality, and is the gateway to a new relationship between hotels and their guests. By allowing hotels to digitize and automate upsells as part of the online check-in guests are already completing before arrival, we are ensuring a higher conversion rate for these upgrades and empowering hotels to increase profitability, not to mention providing guests with a seamless guest journey."

For more information on Wishbox please visit https://wishbox.co/ 

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