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Why Every Day Is “Start-Up Alley"

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Do you think like a start-up?

The Restaurant Technology Network’s Start-Up Alley com petition was a major highlight of our recent Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference (MURTEC), in Las Vegas. Seventeen promising restaurant tech solutions strutted their stuff for attendees and esteemed judges, culminating in a Shark Tank- style lightning round for five finalists. In the end, Hellometer took the coveted top spot, moving the start-up into the next phase of its ascent.

And the Winner Is.... RTN Crowns Start-Up Alley Winner at MURTEC

Start-Up Alley got me thinking: How can every brand embrace the freshness, the energy, and the commitment to excellence that characterizes the hottest start-ups? I’d like to think that every day is Start-Up Alley here at Hospitality Technology, with fresh digital initiatives like our new webinar series, The Point (and the first episode, Webinar: Where Contactless Transactions Are Headed scheduled for June 21); our new podcast, Hospitality Technology: Powering Innovation; and monthly Trend Reports at

We hope you embrace your own “start-up” energy — whether
you’re a relative newcomer or an industry veteran. Hotel operators and suppliers will find plenty of inspiration in What a Guest Wants, What a Hotel Needs, and What It Takes to Be a Hotel Visionary, spotlighting award-winning initiatives from Choice Hotels International and Loews Hotels & Co. Restaurant professionals will want to dive into MURTEC 2022: A Magical Experience and also the MURTEC 2022 Content Hub — including memorable takeaways from Jon Taffer, Wade Allen, and many more, plus profiles of our Top Women in Restaurant Technology Class of 2022.
Learn more about the Restaurant Technology Network’s brand-new website and how restaurant operators and solution providers can get involved in RTN Tableside. And turn to HTNG Checks In for a look at HTNG Checks in: AHLA Launches Hospitality Is Working Campaign with Focus on Reigniting Travel.

We’d love to hear how your brand is treating every day like Start-Up Alley! As always, my digital door is open (rfirpo-cappiello at and I look forward to hearing from you!

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