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What It Takes to Be a Hotel Visionary

Choice Hotels International and Loews Hotels & Co honored for outstanding achievement, vision and leadership in technological innovation.

Since 2005, Hospitality Technology has been honoring hotel companies for outstanding leadership in customer-facing and enterprise innovation. In 2021, we were especially impressed by Choice Hotels International and Loews Hotels & Co for their creation of two new technologies that served to significantly benefit either their owner operators or their hotel guests during a very uncertain time: the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. We presented Choice Hotels and Loews Hotels with their awards at our annual HT-NEXT conference in December 2021. Here is an in-depth look at the winning innovations.


Crafting & Consolidating the Contactless Experience

Our 2021 Customer-Facing Hotel Visionary Award winner, Loews Hotels & Co, found a way to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic and offer guests a contactless option while also creating a new revenue stream.

The Right Choice

Replacing two disparate systems, Choice Hotels teamed up with trusted tech partner IDeaS to create a proprietary revenue management system and won a 2021 Hotel Visionary Award within the Enterprise category for its efforts.


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