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Whistle & ThinkReservations Announce Integration

Whistle, a hotel guest messaging platform, announced its integration with ThinkReservations, an all-in-one online booking engine, Property Management System (PMS), and channel manager for lodging properties in the small-to-medium size market.

“ThinkReservations is a highly regarded and a leading Property Management System, utilized by a significant portion of lodging properties in their market segment,” says Christopher Hovanessian, cofounder and CEO of Whistle. “ThinkReservations’ team has been phenomenal to work with, and we have already successfully proved the value of our partnership and integration with initial test properties. We are looking forward to providing a best-in-class experience to our mutual customers.”

"At ThinkReservations, we believe in providing our customers with innovative ways to grow their business. When it came to something as critical as communication, partnering with Whistle just made sense," says Richard Aday, CEO & Principal Engineer of ThinkReservations. "The features they offer will help our customers improve their guest experience and communication channels. We are confident this integration will continue to benefit our customers well into the future.”

“The integration of these two systems has provided an irreplaceable benefit to our operations,” says Will McQueen, owner of Mansion Farm Inn in Milton, Delaware. “The entire guest journey is now completely automated and contactless, from booking through departure, which results in an elevated experience for our guests, and a reduction in workload for our team.”

Whistle and ThinkReservations are currently used by thousands of hotels worldwide, including many boutique hotels and major brands.

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