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Web Booking Pages and Corporate Sales System Yields Uptick in Sales

LBA Hospitality  specializes in Hilton and Marriott properties that extend from the Carolinas to Houston and down to South Florida in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets. The properties have strong leisure segments that use the internet to shop and book. LBA Hospitality has found a e-marketing partner in hotel WebSpace SystemsPro that enables the company to promote properties for local events and attract and book business. LBA Hospitality operates 72 properties across the Southeast.
hotel WebSpace makes it easy for our hotels to quickly build web pages that spotlight local events and align the property with them online. This strategy reaches travelers who are pre-qualified; they are traveling to the event and the hotel WebSpace page shows them a nearby LBA property where they can stay. The system enables hotels to attract guests who would have never heard about the properties.  
The hotel WebSpace internet marketing solution from hotel SystemsPro drives more bookings for hotel operators. It enables operators to quickly create custom search engine optimized landing pages aligned with local market opportunities that attract visitors to their city or area. Click here for more information on hotel SystemsPro products.
LBA tracks accounts and prospects for all its properties in a cloud-based corporate sales system that is accessed by the company’s multiple sales teams. LBA provides each hotel with a comprehensive account database to help them qualify prospects, develop faster relationships, and close business more effectively.
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