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Wavelink, iPad Enclosures Partner to Secure Tablet-Based Kiosks

Wavelink Corporation announced a partnership with iPad Enclosures, the makers of the secure iPad kiosk and other tablet kiosks, to provide remote management of tablet-based kiosks. With iPad Enclosures protecting the devices and kiosks and Wavelink providing remote management of tablets, organizations now have an affordable solution for deploying and maintaining multiple tablet computer kiosks.
Wavelink offers iPad Enclosure users a solution that enables them to perform updates, secure the information on the device, track their location and monitor their performance without requiring someone to physically go to each device.
iPad Enclosures securely encases the tablet devices to prevent theft or tampering. Device management from Wavelink Avalanche provides the ability to remotely monitor, update and manage an entire fleet of devices from a web-based console to ensure kiosks are operating correctly and that the data on them is secure. In hotel and hospital rooms where an occupant uses a device that then needs to be cleared of any data and history, administrators can use Avalanche to remotely wipe, provision and secure the device for the next user.

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