WANAAHA Casino Launches Theatro’s In-Ear Communication Platform to Drive Team Engagement and Elevate Guest Experience

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Theatro, pioneers of a voice-controlled mobile platform connecting employees to resources across their enterprise, announced its continued expansion into Gaming and Hospitality with the successful deployment at WANAAHA Casino. In just a few weeks with the Theatro solution, WANAAHA Casino has experienced significant improvements to guest service, team collaboration and productivity.

WANAAHA Casino, owned and operated by the Bishop Paiute Tribe, is located at the foot of the Eastern Sierra mountain range and is the only 24-hour, Las Vegas style casino in the area. Prior to Theatro, WANAAHA struggled with the operational inefficiencies common with a dispersed, disconnected team, including the ability to foster a superior customer experience. The pre-existing two-way radios did not provide a common, cohesive mobile communication platform for all staff, which led to labor-intensive and multi-step processes for basic interactions, tasks and approvals that significantly impacted WANAAHA’s operational efficiency, team members and the guest experience. These challenges were further exacerbated by COVID-19.

“The guest experience is a critical factor for the success of any casino, but their health and safety are paramount during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Gary Murrey, General Manager, WANAAHA Casino. “Walkie-talkies simply aren’t as effective and efficient in enabling new processes and procedures or answering questions and serving guests as we need to be. Theatro’s intuitive hands-free platform has streamlined staff communication and messaging across departments, has been instrumental in improving every aspect of our floor experience through faster and better service, and has allowed us to get ahead, and stay ahead, of our COVID-19 response plan.”

Theatro breaks down barriers between departments, staff and leadership by digitally connecting each team member to Theatro’s Intelligent Voice Assistant. Specifically designed to address the needs of the critical on-floor workforce, Theatro’s virtual assistant enables employees to leverage the collective knowledge of their team and connect them to the resources they need to do their jobs in a “heads up, hands free” manner. WANAAHA has felt Theatro’s impact on multiple aspects of its business, including:

·Change Management - Theatro’s Content Distribution Manager allows WANAAHA’s operations to schedule and distribute critical communications and process change messages to specified departments or the entire team. This empowers WANAAHA to deliver consistent communications and reminders to support change management with new health and safety policies and procedures designed to keep customers and team members safe.

·Speed of Service - Enhanced speed of guest service and improved agility in responding to guest inquiries is now possible thanks to instant access to experts, cross-functional teams and key personnel managing events like jackpots and machine service.

·Increased Productivity - Team members save time and work efficiently with easier cross-property collaboration through targeted communication and messaging to individuals or groups. Streamlined and closed loop workflows allow team members to request real-time assistance from any group such as security, surveillance, facilities, slots or servers ensuring they get the assistance they need immediately.

·Leadership Direction - Casino leaders are able to provide consistent direction and react quickly to adjustments in priorities. Now, leaders can deliver critical daily team direction, metrics, new initiatives and provide recognition, regardless of location or shift, ensuring the entire team is aligned on goals, focused on guest experience, and operating effectively all while maintaining social distancing.

“Success in the gaming and hospitality industry requires numerous staff members across a host of departments and experience levels working in unison to create a safe, welcoming and personal experience for each guest,” said Lesley Simmonds, VP & GM, Casinos & Hospitality, Theatro. “By connecting every team member to the same intelligent platform, WANAAHA is poised to succeed through the COVID-19 pandemic, dramatically improve their operational efficiency and improve the experience of guests and team members alike.” 

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