Waffle House Rolls Reduces Transaction Times 79 Percent with Cloud-based POS

Waffle House has completed its rollout of NCR Silver™ to 1,400 corporate locations across the country. The iconic Southern restaurant brand is now preparing to roll out NCR Silver to hundreds of participating franchise restaurants.
Waffle House – which previously used a traditional cash register and a separate credit card reader – chose NCR Silver’s franchise-focused, touch-screen system for its efficiency, ease of use and all-in-one functionality. The new franchise platform provides customers such as Waffle House with a rugged hardware package built on a customized franchise-focused closed-system Android solution.
The NCR Silver rollout helps Waffle House’s efforts to thoughtfully modernize its restaurants and to improve the customer experience by speeding up transaction times. Not only were site installations quick – the NCR Silver platform was operational in less than an hour, on average – but customer transaction processing times were reduced from 14 seconds per order to 3 seconds, a 79 percent improvement.
When searching for a modern system, the 60-year-old restaurant franchise looked for a scalable solution that could be optimized for its business – while keeping its customer-centric culture intact. The move to NCR Silver was a major one for the company, which only began accepting credit cards in 2006.   
Waffle House’s open kitchen environment and the manner in which its servers call out orders to the cooks are two examples of the restaurant’s established culture that the restaurant doesn’t plan to change.
In addition to improving the customer experience, Waffle House also selected NCR Silver to improve its associates’ experience via an easy-to-use interface. While the Waffle House team developed both written and visual training materials on NCR Silver before deployment, they found that many of their employees learned how to use the solution with minimal or no instruction thanks to the platform’s intuitive tablet interface. 
Once the initial phase of NCR Silver implementation and training is complete, Waffle House managers utilize new reporting features, such as shift sales, to maximize effectiveness.
Expansion into the franchise space is part of NCR Small Business’ strategy to deliver a more robust offering to all its customers in 2015.
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