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VPR Verified Automated Infrared Body Temperature Screening Device Now Available

VPR Brands'  Automated Infrared Body Temperature Screening Device is now available for resale through  Katom Restaurant Supply Inc.

With the gradual easing of the public lockdown measures and a return to work, the VPR Verified system helps businesses, especially food service and restaurants with health check protocols. As a part of the recent reopening of most business in the USA the CDC along with state and local governments are recommending or requiring certain procedures regarding temperature checks and facial coverings. The Verified Personnel Recognition system automates this process, and greatly reduces any errors. It also has advanced facial recognition that can automatically log all employees, their temperatures and if they are wearing masks and alert management to any breaches.

About VPR Verified Personnel Recognition System:

The VPR Verified device has many benefits over the handheld alternative along with management reporting and recording features. Operators can detect and reduce the potential spread of unknown viruses among employees, guests and visitors by combining contactless thermal temperature screening sensors with biometric facial recognition Software the VPR Verified offers a level of public access safety and accuracy that exceeds human-error prone processes. The temperature check is performed just a second, enabling processing of up to 600 people per hour. Single or multiple kiosks can be connected to automatic doors, turnstiles, locks or barriers for access control after testing customers and employees.

  • The Automated Infrared Body Temperature Screening Kiosk Quickly and efficiently screens all incoming guests and employees. Choose from our wall-mounted, table stand, and floor stand models.
  • Facial Recognition software is motion sensor activated and quickly scans each person as they pass in front of the monitor. The VPR Verified system immediately displays the temperature of scanned person and shows a green pass or a red fail.
  • Eliminate costs on having a dedicated temperature screener and give yourself and anyone entering your business a visible reminder that you are taking all the necessary precautions to protect their health and safety.
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