Virgin Voyages Selects DeCurtis Shield as a Core Part of their “Voyage Well” Program

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

As part of a comprehensive set of mitigation steps and in line with the guidelines and mandates from industry and governmental agencies, Virgin Voyages has selected DeCurtis Shield™ as a core component in its “Voyage Well” program. The “Voyage Well” Plan sets forth to increase crew and passenger safety in light of not just the COVID-19 pandemic, but also as a set of evolutions to increase the overall safety and health of the crew and guests moving forward.        

DeCurtis Shield has been selected as a primary edge mitigation layer. Integrating the edge checkpoints into a holistic and robust infrastructure enables evolution as new threats surface. This approach is not only the correct thing to do tactically but also sets a strategic direction for Virgin Voyages as a leader in the health and safety space for their crew and guests.

"Our goal, first and foremost, is to ensure the health and safety of our crew in order for us to create a safe environment for our guests,” said Andy Schwalb, CIO, Virgin Voyages. “Our experience with DeCurtis and their ability to deliver in critical areas with strategic solutions was the major determining factor.”

Health, safety and security have always been vital components of DeCurtis Corporation's mission but are the primary focus in the cruise industry's current environment. DeCurtis Shield focuses on improving indoor environments to quickly implement health screenings at any secure entry or exit point. The result is a very fast and exceptionally accurate temperature reading. This technology is not just an answer to COVID-19, but a critical part of a mitigating strategy to lessen onboard outbreaks. 

Shield kiosks are used at entry and exit points to seamlessly screen for elevated body temperature, integrate health questionnaires, as well as other screening actions like mask detection. The ability to be a foundational element; easily and quickly deployed as well as part of a larger, holistic safety, health and security infrastructure makes DeCurtis Shield a unique offering. That duality allows DeCurtis Shield to assist with both the immediate threat as well as be a strategic investment and defense against future, unidentified risks.  

“It is rare in business to be able to help address a global problem,” said Derek Fournier, President and CEO, DeCurtis Corporation. “We are proud and excited to assist Virgin Voyages increase overall health, safety and security for their crew and guests. We know they see this area as critical for all lines as we collaborate to raise the bar on health, safety and security.” 

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