Virgin Hotels and InnSpire Unveil a New and Improved Contactless Guest Experience

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Virgin Hotels is a global brand synonymous with fun, exceptional and innovative service. No surprise then that now everything is integrated and seamless, from contactless check-in to check-out. Lights, temperature, to three new lighting themes. InnSpire's integration hub makes sure that a very intricate backend becomes slick, easy to use, and engaging through Virgin Hotels' TVs on the front-end.

"InnSpire is at the forefront of hospitality technology and innovation. Having worked with some of the world's most iconic hotels and brands, they understand what hotels and guests are looking for. With a combination of hardware and software, they've become an integration hub that ties the entire guest experience together." - Denise Walker, Vice President of Information Technology, Virgin Hotels.

As a standard across all new Virgin Hotels, Lucy was launched at the recent opening of Virgin Hotels' third property in Nashville, Tennessee. Lucy allows guests to have a truly "contactless" hospitality experience. With smart room integrations, Lucy now functions as a contactless mobile key that opens the Chamber (room) door. She's also a remote that controls the lights, thermostat, and television. In addition, hotel visitors can order room service anywhere on property. And, when they're ready to depart, they say goodbye with a seamless online checkout - all possible from their in-room television or personal mobile devices.

Tech innovation in the hospitality sector is no longer a nice-to-have - guests expect online capabilities and integrations. Lucy and InnSpire take the digital guest journey and contactless guest experience to the next level.

"In the future, contactless and seamless will be essential keywords in delivering a safe, fun, and engaging hotel experience. We understand the challenges of seamlessly bringing all the needed hospitality technologies together and excited to see how well it all flows in the hands of our guests." - Derek McCann​, General Manager, Virgin Hotels Nashville.

Virgin Hotels Latest Experience

With the help of InnSpire, Virgin Hotels has been able to create a seamless and consistent guest journey. What can guests expect? The new hospitality technology makes an almost completely contactless experience possible while adding more to the overall hotel offering.

Access to the Virgin Hotels Marketplace - customized offerings for that personalized guest experience.

Guests can now get promotions on food and beverage delivered directly to their phone, laptop, or in-room TV. The latest technology removes language barriers as guests can choose to shop in their preferred language.

New Television entertainment experience

The new InnCable creates the perfect smart TV experience. Hotel guests have access to their usual TV channels and programs plus much more, such as hotel updates, information, entertainment, casting through Chromecast, and the option of viewing their favorite subscription-based streaming services - providing that truly personalized guest experience.

Casting with Chromecast

Guests can cast their favorite shows, safely and securely, directly in their Chambers.

  • Effortless "room service" from anywhere on the property

The Lucy hotel app takes "room service" to the next level. Lucy makes ordering easy with the ability to order room service anywhere on property.

Other standout features include smart room controls (guests can set the temperature, choose from different automated light themes and much more), real-time account details, access the Virgin Hotels' directory, access Apple Music as well as online exercise powered by Fitbod.

It's All About the Integrations - See What Makes Lucy Tick

This has all been made possible by integrating the best hospitality tools into one functional in-house Hotel App. InnSpire has seamlessly incorporated the following services to help create the Lucy experience for Virgin Hotels:

  • Infor Hotel Software — The Infor PMS system for all Virgin hotels
    The InnSpire integration of Infor PMS system allows guests the option of contactless check-in and check-out.
  • Alice and Guestware — for receiving, managing and ticking off guest requests
    InnSpire's integrations of Alice and Guestware software helps Virgin Hotels manage guest requests by having manageable checklists created for staff to easily attend to.
  • Agilisys POS (Point-of-Sale) integration
    The InnSpire integration of Agilisys POS helps optimize food and beverage operations and increase profitability with a flexible, enterprise-class POS system.
  • InnCom and Lutron — "in-room control" integration
    With InnSpire's integration of smart room automation through InnCom and Lutron, guests can control almost everything inside the room remotely. With Lutron and InnCom integrated room automation systems, everything from opening the door to switching off the lights is online.

The new technology will be implemented in all future Virgin Hotels, and the goal is for this technology to help further enhance the personalized guest experiences. Virgin Hotels anticipates that stays will continue to become even more personalized, and seamless technology will continue to be at the forefront of making it all possible.

For more information on InnSpire's comprehensive guest journey platform, including connected guestroom TV and entertainment solutions, please visit


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