Virdee Launches First End-to-End Contactless Check-in Solution for Hotels and Multifamily Properties

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Virdee, a SaaS company serving the lodging and commercial real estate industries, launched Virdee Concierge today to provide a virtual reception experience for its clients’ tenants, guests, leasing prospects and vendors. Using an API-first approach, Virdee has developed a best-in-class, end-to-end product for ID verification, payment collection, access control and remote support.  

Hotels, apartment buildings and other institutional-grade commercial real estate all require a litany of software and smart-hardware systems to operate. It is becoming increasingly difficult for property owners and managers to handle integrations among all these systems. Often, the software and smart hardware is left fragmented and ill-suited for seamless interactions – whether those end-users are property staff or customers. Virdee Concierge solves these problems with a simple, affordable solution that allows owners to maximize the value of their investments in their existing tech infrastructure.

  • End-to-end system provides contactless customer experience – Automates all traditional functions of a reception desk to optimize clients’ needs for on-site staffing while providing guests with a contactless and frictionless check-in experience. Throughout their arrival and in-building experience, end-users can engage directly through Virdee’s mobile app, in-lobby device, iOS/Android Wallet and virtual agents.
  • API-first approach brings together previously disparate systems – Integrates with leading providers of smart locks (RFID/BLE), mobile payment platforms and PMS systems that management companies know and trust. Virdee’s software and approach to integrations enhances and maximizes the utility of each system.
  • Affordable, easy to set up and manage – With limited upfront costs to customers, Virdee Concierge is available on a subscription basis. Since Virdee’s system can handle 100 percent of check-ins via technology, a typical property can save 5,000–10,000 hours in labor costs per year. Also, Virdee’s ID verification and payment collection platform works together to reduce credit card fraud and charge offs – historically a big problem for hotels. Implementing Virdee’s solution allows owners to increase property profitability while providing a safer, secure guest experience than traditional, more manual methods.

Branigan Mulcahy, Virdee founder, said: “Most of the hard work of building integrations has historically fallen to in-house IT teams that often are unable to invest in building and maintaining a robust solution. However, when Virdee builds a key integration, such as with Oracle’s Opera PMS, it can be used by any of Virdee’s customers. This approach means that through each integration Virdee generates a greater ROI than brands or management companies typically could individually.”

Nadav Cornberg, Virdee founder and chief technologist, said: “Virdee Concierge was designed to reduce owners’ costs while elevating the guest experience. Not all end-users have the same preferences on technology, so, in order to provide a complete solution, we offer end-users the choice of interacting via mobile, web, in-lobby device and/or virtual agent. We will continue to add differentiating functionality to make sure our customers have a cutting-edge technical experience and that our products stand above our competition.”

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