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Virdee Connects to Onity, Enables Straight-to-Room Access

Virdee, a SaaS company delivering digital check-in and virtual concierge services to the hospitality and commercial real estate industries, continues to show its dedication to building a wide-ranging platform of integrations, most recently adding leading electronic access provider Onity.

Onity's mobile access technology serves as a solution for both large hotel brands and smaller independent hotels alike. Onity's mobile access locks are Bluetooth-enabled to stay in a ready state, so guests can unlock doors while on the move, without having to stop their stride or touch the phone to the lock.

Through digital check-in and locking-system integrations, hotels can serve today’s evolving guests needs, allowing them to bypass the front desk and head straight to their guestroom. Virdee provides a full contactless experience, empowering 100% of hotel guests to check-in via kiosk or their mobile device without ever standing in line at the front desk. The Virdee-Onity integration allows guests to securely access their assigned digital key to unlock their room and other guest access-controlled areas of the property.

“Today's hotel guest expects a seamless journey with limited touchpoints during their stay. Through this integration with Virdee, hotels have a solution to provide a fully digital end-to-end guest experience, from pre-arrival to guestroom access,” said Fayyad Sbaihat, President, Onity. “When evaluating check-in solution providers, we found Virdee was aligned with our mission of providing secure and easy-to-implement tools that provide an elevated guest experience.”

Through either a mobile app or a sleek kiosk experience, Virdee handles all a hotel’s check-in needs, including ID verification, payment collection and room access. Should a guest need assistance, with one tap of a button Virdee connects them to a virtual concierge that can help walk them through the check-in process. Implementing Virdee’s solution allows owners to increase profitability while providing a safer guest experience than traditional, more manual methods.

Nadav Cornberg, Virdee’s co-founder, added: “We’re thrilled to add another critical integration with a leading lock provider in hospitality. Since Virdee’s launch, we’ve been focused on building integrations to provide a completely digital arrival experience for travelers. Our integration with Onity ensures hoteliers have the opportunity to check in 100% of guests all the time – seamlessly and with confidence.”

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