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Viableware Changes Its Name to TableSafe

Viableware has announced that it is changing the company name to TableSafe. The name change is effective immediately and will help to more accurately reflect the benefits of the company’s multi-functional payment platform.
The company CEO, Joe Snell, believes that the name change to TableSafe offers a much better characterization of the technology and the type of functionality that the system brings to the marketplace.
The TableSafe System features a handheld device designed to look like the traditional bill presentation folder used at most full-service restaurants – but unlike the traditional folder, the TableSafe unit allows guests to securely self-swipe credit, debit or smart cards, auto-calculate the tip, split the bill multiple ways, pay-by-item, and receive email receipts.  
The TableSafe System encrypts all payment information at the swipe – and by enabling restaurant guests to self-swipe their own card, and retain possession of it throughout the entire transaction, the RAIL mitigates any chance of card information theft.
In addition to its Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and other security features, the TableSafe System also provides restaurant operators with other benefits such as increased staff efficiency, higher survey response rates, and increased customer satisfaction.
The TableSafe technology is currently being used or piloted at a number of full-service restaurants around the country, including Dickie Brennan restaurants in New Orleans.   
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