VeriFone's Tableside Payment System Certified for National Use by Payment Processor

Heartland Payment Systems, a payments processor, certifies VeriFone's ON THE SPOT pay-at-the-table managed services solution for nationwide use. Heartland is marketing this pay-at-the-point-of-service technology to restaurant customers under the Heartland Tableside brand.

Tableside utilizes the VeriFone V 670 handheld system with Wi-Fi and the managed services model that VeriFone developed. This provides restaurants with many of the advantages of integrated systems without the need to invest in expensive restaurant management systems.

The V 670 reduces the time and number of steps needed to complete payment transactions while eliminating the potential for card skimming or tip alteration. In addition, Heartland Tableside enables restaurant operators to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) requirements by storing card transaction information on a secure remote IP gateway.
With Heartland Tableside, any one of multiple V 670 systems in a particular restaurant can initiate or complete a transaction. Tip capture can be completed at the point of service, saving time at the end of the shift as no adjustments are required. Batch closing can be pre-programmed on the managed services gateway, which also provides sophisticated reporting functions and transaction history that can be reviewed from any computer with Internet access.
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