Vegas' M Resort Spa Casino Manages Tables, Gift Cards, POS & More with MICROS Solution

The M Resort Spa Casino in Las Vegas has implemented the MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management System (HMS), MICROS iCare, and MICROS Guest Connection. The single solution comprises over 120 MICROS point of sale (POS) workstations, coordinating operations among fine dining restaurants, bars, wine cellar, buffet, casino floor bars, room service, quick service, outside pool bars, retail, pharmacy and convenience store with gas station all on combination of MICROS 2010's and MICROS Workstation 5's. The MICROS 9700 HMS system went live in March 2009 utilizing VMware Virtual Infrastructure.

After deploying MICROS 9700 in a virtual environment, the M Resort soon realized four significant advantages: enhanced technology scalability; disaster recovery which provides the ability to test and recover from a variety of system outages requiring less time and fewer resources; a higher degree of availability without incurring additional infrastructure costs; and virtualization, which saves on emissions output and electricity consumption, making the MICROS offering a more eco-friendly solution.

"The ability to offer table management, restaurant reservations, gift cards and POS all from one provider has been very beneficial. The ability for MICROS 9700 HMS to join the VMware cluster was not just practical; it became an early requirement in the system selection criterion," says Rob Willis, vice president of information technology, M Resort.

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