TrustYou Launches Relief Pack to Help Hoteliers Understand Guests’ Concerns and Expectations

TrustYou, the company dedicated to helping companies win through the power of listening, launches the exclusive hotel Relief Pack to support hoteliers in their mission to prioritize cleanliness and turn it into a key strength. The Relief Pack includes two exciting new features of the TrustYou platform: the Trusted Cleanliness badge and the Public Health review category. As part of their new Recovery Race campaign focused on COVID-19 recovery resources, training, and expert guidelines, the company now launches product features that leverage today’s most important hotel amenities: cleanliness and safety. 

TrustYou’s exclusive Trusted Cleanliness badge is available for any hotels who pass a thorough assessment survey, proving their adherence to the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Once the assessment is passed, the badge can be embedded on the hotel’s website where visitors can see the hotel’s commitment to cleanliness, reinforced by TrustYou.

Along with the Trusted Cleanliness badge, the company also launches new review analytics for the category of Public Health. The new category captures guests’ sentiments around COVID-19, including cleanliness standards and new technologies, sanitization, health and safety measures, and personal protective equipment. These insights will show hoteliers exactly what their guests think about the COVID-19 measures taken by the hotel, what they need in order to feel secure, and what they expect from their hotel stay. Like all the other review categories TrustYou offers, Public Health uses the company’s best-in-class semantic analysis, which measures and analyzes the sentiments in keywords from hundreds of thousands of guest reviews from around the web.

“In the current travel scene, it is expected that hotel guests will pay more attention than ever to the safety and cleanliness measures taken by the hotel”, said Benjamin Jost, TrustYou’s Co-Founder and CEO. “As a feedback company, we understand the needs of travelers and want to help hoteliers meet them in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Through our Relief Pack, we ensure that hoteliers can publicly display their commitment to high cleanliness standards, in order to attract travelers and ensure a feeling of trust and safety. At the same time, the new Public Health category provides hoteliers the opportunity to truly understand new guest expectations, and to adjust their health and safety measures accordingly, to maintain good occupancy rates.”

The TrustYou Relief Pack is now available for both pre-existing and new customers.

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