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Trump National Doral Golf Resort Opts for RFID Tech to Upgrade Uniform Systems

Luxury Miami Golf Resort Trump National Doral is upgrading their uniform management and control processes with InvoTech’s RFID Uniform System. The Trump National Doral has benefited from the control and accountability established by the InvoTech Barcode Uniform System since implemented in 2012. The RFID upgrade will provide additional cost saving benefits by automating manual tasks that were required with the barcode system.
Specialized waterproof RFID tags are discreetly attached to each uniform piece to replace the barcode labels previously used. The InvoTech Uniform System automatically tracks each RFID tagged uniform piece when issued to employees and as it is shipped to and received back from the laundry. Previously, the barcode labels had to be located on the uniform and scanned individually for each of these daily processes. The RFID technology allows for multiple uniforms to be processed simultaneously and automatically.
Trump National Doral also utilizes a White Conveyors U-Pick-It System to automate the distribution of the uniforms to the approximately 1,000 employees. InvoTech integrates RFID technology into the U-Pick-It System to automatically record when employees pickup and return uniforms.
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