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TraknProtect Launches TraknKleen to Promote Hotel Cleanliness, Guest Safety and Wellbeing

 TraknProtect, a pioneer of location-based technology purpose-built for the hotel environment, announced the launch of TraknKleenTM, a new IoT technology solution designed to help hotels further enhance housekeeping operations, while providing guests with security and peace of mind during post-COVID travel. TraknKleenTM trilaterates data from multiple sources, such as housekeeping carts, I.D. cards, cleaning supplies, and other assets, to automatically track the date, time, and duration of the cleaning process for guestrooms and public areas in a hotel. The tool also uses multiple data points to help hotels assess and confirm compliance with established cleaning protocols, while also inspiring a higher level of trust for guests and hotel staff. 

TraknKleen is built on TraknProtect's advanced IoT Platform, which includes electronic safety devices (ESD's) and can be seamlessly deployed using existing TraknProtect hubs or WAPs. Leveraging this existing technology, which keeps deployment costs for the solution low, the tool creates an audit trail for housekeeping activities, and tracks the use of designated cleaning assets, such as electrostatic sprayers in all guest areas. This allows properties using TraknKleen to share real-time access to relevant and reliable information regarding the organized and systemic delivery of property-based cleaning activities with corporate buyers, travelers and hotel brands.

To ensure data security, any and all personally identifiable information is stored anonymously for all housekeeping activities that are aggregated and reported, allowing housekeeping staff to use the solution confidently without being individually monitored. Collected data is analyzed over intermittent periods, for example every 3-4 hours, and arranged in a manner such that no real-time tracking taking place.

"Our hotel partners are working as hard as possible to promote safe travel in the Post-COVID era, and we want to empower them by providing a solution that helps them reassure their guests that they are protecting the guests' health and wellness," said Parminder Batra, Founder & CEO of TraknProtect. "We know how important safety is at each hotel and so we have designed specific products and tools that will help hotels win back guest confidence and provide a safe working environment to employees as we all rebound Post-COVID. As hotels open their doors to welcome guests again, we are right there with them."

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