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TraknProtect Adds New Product Additions to Its Original Inventory Tracking Solution

TraknProtect, a real-time tracking, safety, and analytics software platform for back-of-the-house hotel operations, announced three new product additions to accompany its original TraknProtect inventory tracking solution.  In response to demand from its hotel customers, the new TraknProtect solutions offer hotels the ability to track room trays, monitor vendors on-site, and provide employee safety buttons and alerts.

TraknProtect’s robust suite of hotel operations solutions uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to provide customizable, real-time tracking and alerts throughout a hotel and property all on a single platform.  The newest features offer a variety of benefits to TraknProtect’s hotel customers:

  • Inventory tracking:  TraknProtect’s original inventory tracking and analytics platform allows hotel staff to respond to and immediately fulfill guest requests for special inventory and equipment (such as cribs or microwaves), saving staff and guests time and frustration.  TraknProtect tags items identified for tracking with Bluetooth beacons. Strategically placed Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hubs then provide real-time information of the location of these tagged items via the TraknProtect proprietary app so that staff can go directly to that location, retrieve the item, and deliver it the guest.
  • Safety/panic buttons: Safety buttons for hotel employees is a significant issue in the hospitality industry right now.  Keeping employees safe when they enter guest rooms or work near remote or private areas throughout a hotel or property has escalated to the point that several U.S. metro areas are issuing or are considering ordinances that require hotels to provide panic buttons to staff.  With TraknProtect, not only can a hotel employee issue a distress call to hotel security and management, but through the TraknProtect app, the alert provides an exact location of the employee, even if that employee is forcibly moved to another location on-property.
  • Room tray tracking: In addition to using the TraknProtect platform for inventory tracking, items such as room trays can be tagged with a beacon (about the size of a playing card) and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hubs can be placed in hallways.  When a room tray is placed outside the door the hub sends an alert every three to five minutes to staff notifying them that a tray is outside the room and that it requires pick up, keeping hallways tidy and safe.
  • Vendor tracking:  Due to increased attention on property safety and a need to better track and confirm vendor services have been rendered, TraknProtect is now offering ID cards that can be issued to outside vendors who are granted access to the property.  Through a proprietary “heat map,” hotel management and security have the ability to know where vendors are, how much time they’ve spent in specific areas of the hotel and property, and if they have left the property.  In addition to addressing security concerns, this feature is also helpful in managing time tracking for hourly-paid vendors.



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