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TPS(r) Systems, Inc. Announces Secure Web-Based File Transfer System

TPS(r) Systems, Inc. announces the release of TPS(r)/Web File Manager (WebFM). WebFM is an enterprise/network secure web-based file transfer system that features a secure, easy-to-use web-based transfer portal allowing any user with a valid user account to send data securely into your company's back-office enterprise system through any Java-enabled web browser without the need to install any additional client software or overhaul your company's security model.

WebFM gives companies that have remote branches, vendors, and other related entities outside the corporate network the ability to securely send data to the corporate office as long as they have a valid user account. WebFM supports up to 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure all aspects of the data transfer and communication is protected. WebFM's detailed auditing system provides for tracking activities such as logons, files transferred, and viewing current file transfer status.

WebFM is comprised of three components: Server, Secure Bridge, and Client. The Server is deployed within the corporate intranet and secured using the company's SSL credentials. The Secure Bridge handles the secure connection to the Server from Clients outside the network. The Client is a signed Java Applet embedded within a HTML page. Since the Client runs within a web browser, users do not have any additional software to install or configure.

WebFM can be easily integrated with TPS(r)/NetWork File Manager (NFM). NFM is a complete, full-featured enterprise/network file distribution system that features back office file tracking and auditing, secure scheduled transfers, remote command line interface, and scheduled data delivery.
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