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Touchless Temperature Stations Helps Staff,Customers Feel Safer

TTS Automated Temperature Station is now available. 

The cost of one person bringing a fever or virus into your business can escalate absenteeism and cost thousands in lost wages;  at $300 the TTS Touchless Temperature Station is a stand-alone, ready to use unit includes an additional wall adapter, and a rechargeable battery.  Ideally, touchless temperature stations allow people to take personal responsibility quickly and efficiently requiring no contact to operate the system. The temperature is indicated in bright, easy-to-read digital green, yellow and red. Establish your business as a "Green Space" by ensuring your staff and customers are temperature-free.

With this process automation, you can give a "thumbs up" as people visit your business. Since the temperature is displayed on both sides of the station, it can be used in either host mode, viewable in front of the unit such as at a restaurant, or in receptionist mode viewable behind the unit, such as in an office, to maintain social distancing. Best of all, it's portable, self-powered, and economical.

Temperature monitoring is a step toward feeling protected and safe. The TTS Touchless Temperature Stations are now shipping to meet the demand. Patent pending.

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