Touch Dynamic Unveils Quest II EMV Level 3 Certified Tablet

Touch Dynamic, a manufacturer of all-in-one touch systems, industrial PCs, and mobile POS devices has collaborated with Datacap Systems Inc. to create an EMV Level 3 Certified tablet on the market: the Quest II EMV Level 3 Certified Tablet.  
A card brand will grant EMV Level 3 Certification after successful completion of a specific certification script. Level 3 is end-to-end certification carried out with trial and error checks and resolutions with the processor, acquirer, and ISVs involved in the solution. The integrity of payment chain is tested by checking every type of possible transaction the terminal is capable of and ensuring they are secure.
Touch Dynamic has worked closely with Datacap to receive full EMV Level 3 Certification with Vantiv. This enhancement makes the Quest II Tablet even more of an asset to your POS arsenal, with full functionality and versatility for a variety of uses from line busting to tableside ordering. Couple the EMV Level 3 Certified Quest II Tablet with the Premium Dock, and 8” Rear LCD, and your new mobile POS solution is easily transitioned to a fixed base point of sale system.
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