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Top POS Stories from January: Mobility, Cloud and Security Dominate Point of Sale Headlines

The first quarter started off strong with point of sale happenings. In addition to new product rollouts at the National Retail Federation BIG Show and Consumer Electronics Show, restaurant and hotel companies were looking at a new year as a fresh start. As expected, mobile and cloud remain two of the top priorities in regards to point of sale, but payment security also continues to gather steam as a high-level concern.
Agilysys Introduces Innovative Mobility Option for POS
Agilysys, Inc. has announced InfoGenesis Flex, a new mobility solution that offers full point-of-sale functionality on the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2. InfoGenesis Flex provides a sleek and modern alternative to traditional POS installation and rounds out the Agilysys technology offering to food and beverage outlets, which includes mobile point-of-sale, inventory and procurement and workforce management solutions. Built around the award-winning InfoGenesis POS system, InfoGenesis Flex can be leveraged as a slim fixed terminal or used as a convertible simply by removing the tablet from its base and going mobile. In outlets with limited space or no access to power, running InfoGenesis POS on a kiosk or in a stall with the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 is an ideal solution.

Granbury Solutions Announces Primary Vendor Agreement with Touch Dynamic
Granbury Solutions has named Touch Dynamic the technology company’s primary vendor for point-of-sale hardware. Following a lengthy evaluation conducted by Granbury’s Solutions Management Group and senior executives, an agreement between the two companies has been reached clarifying the role Touch Dynamic will play in supplying hardware for point-of-sale (POS) systems and peripherals. Granbury Solutions, who recently added technology for wineries and craft breweries to its suite of delivery and full-service restaurant solutions, needed a reliable, experienced partner with a deep understanding of the evolving needs of restaurants and specialty retail organizations.

Retail's Big Show Offers Big Benefits for Hospitality
Retail operations might be the focus at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show, but many of the vendors were showcasing technology that offers benefits for the hospitality space as well. Here are some highlights from the show floor that will make an impact in both restaurants and hotels with a great emphasis on the latest in mobile and static point of sale solutions.   

Ctuit Software and Venga Partner To Provide Restaurateurs Complete View of their Business
Venga, the data-driven guest management software for restaurants, and Ctuit, restaurant business intelligence software, announced a partnership that will allow restaurants to combine Ctuit’s operational intelligence with Venga’s customer insights for a holistic view of their businesses. Ctuit’s RADAR system seamlessly integrates with clients’ point-of-sale systems to provide them with operational and financial information, while Venga connects point-of-sale data to reservation systems such as OpenTable® to seamlessly build profiles on individual guests’ habits and preferences.

Cloud-Based Platform Reveals How Menu and Server Performance Impact Sales
Swipely, a simple way for merchants to understand customers and grow sales, unveiled its “Winter ‘14” release to connect menu, staff and customer insights with Swipely’s cloud-based platform. The new release extends Swipely’s service to help its restaurant and hospitality customers make smarter decisions about their key drivers: food, staff and marketing. About two thirds of Swipely’s customers are in the hospitality sector, including more than 1,000 restaurants and bars in over 33 U.S. states, such as Rosa Mexicano, Sarabeth’s, Tremont 647, Anna Maria’s Oyster Bar, Fresh To Order, and many more. Swipely’s new Winter ‘14 features support many market-leading point of sale systems, allowing small business owners to spend less time crunching numbers and more time delighting customers by providing actionable insights to improve menu, service and marketing. The new features are organized into two areas: menu intelligence and server performance.

POS Tech Overhaul Equips Pizza Parlors for Future Advancements
Pizza point of sale provider SpeedLine Solutions Inc., has announced that they recently completed an end-to-end technology overhaul of the SpeedLine point of sale development environment. Designed to improve performance and security, these technology upgrades will enable restaurant companies to take advantage of new integrations and emerging technologies. This was a major investment in the long-term viability, scalability, and fit of SpeedLine POS with the forward-looking technology strategies of the company's restaurant clients. The next generation of point of sale systems will be the hub of a restaurant information network. Restaurant companies increasingly rely on the open architecture of their point of sale software to connect with a range of external systems and new web and mobile technologies. Supporting restaurant companies' growth through new technology initiatives is the key driver for development at SpeedLine.

Vivonet Streamlines POS with Self-Ordering Kiosk
Vivonet Acquisitions Ltd. has added to its cloud POS product line by including a new consumer self-ordering product called Vivonet Kiosk. Vivonet Kiosk is a restaurant branded iPad application that helps restaurant consumers browse a restaurant menu, place an order and pay their tab with their credit card. All three steps take only minutes and no server or staff member is required. The new product operates in unison with Vivonet’s cloud POS systems, making it easy for restaurateurs to access all their POS reporting data from one streamlined source.  

NRF NEWS: Panasonic Announces Product Expansion with Microsoft
Panasonic System Communications Company of North America  announced at the NRF 2014 EXPO that it’s working closely with Microsoft to deliver enterprise-class mobile devices based on the Windows Embedded 8 Handheld platform. The collaboration will enable Panasonic to expand its rugged mobile computing portfolio with innovative new handheld devices bringing Windows Phone 8 technologies to enterprise customers, via its reliable hardware. Windows Embedded 8 Handheld is the next generation of Microsoft’s leading platform for line-of-business handheld devices, built on Windows Phone 8. This means end-users will gain enterprise-grade security and manageability along with full Windows Phone 8 application compatibility, allowing businesses to leverage Microsoft’s enterprise-ready applications such as Dynamics AX, Lync and Office Mobile. Together with Microsoft, Panasonic plans to deliver the next generation of durable, professional-grade mobile devices for a wide range of retail applications including mobile POS, supply chain and operations management and customer service.

Online Packages, Guest Engagement, Mobile Strategy Reward Independent Operator
Lodging Hospitality Management (LHM) thought that its two independent properties had solid, interesting websites. Until they looked at the numbers.  LHM operates 17 hotels in the St. Louis area. It knows how to run both chain properties and independents. Along with its Hilton, Sheraton, IHG, and Choice flags, it operates two luxury indies, The Cheshire and The Seven Gables Inn.   LHM has unique boutique properties in St. Louis, and filled their websites with colorful stories about the hotels thinking guests would be interested and engage with the properties; but that was not the case. LHM just powered up two new sites that are completely different. The new sites leverage NORTHWIND’s Maestro ResWave web booking system to drive guest engagement and reservations, rather than just display interesting content. NORTHWIND provides Maestro Enterprise Property Management hotel software solutions for the industry’s leading independent hotels, resorts, and multi-property groups.
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