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Tillster Self-Service Index Shows High Demand for Kiosks

Tillster, a provider of digital ordering and engagement solutions for restaurants, said it is releasing its Self-Service Kiosk Index, showcasing how Quick Service and Fast Casual restaurants can use kiosks to grow sales and prevent customers from leaving when lines are long.   

For the second year in a row, Tillster partnered with research firm SSI to conduct a study on how offering self-service kiosks impacts guest behavior. Surveying 2,000 restaurant customers across the United States, the proprietary study's key findings summarize customer ordering habits with kiosks and illustrate how kiosks can lead to more visits. A key finding from the study shows a significantly high demand for self-service kiosks over the next year. 

Line Lengths Drive Customers Away

A relatively new technology for restaurants, kiosks offer a way to accelerate the ordering and check-out process, which can be especially valuable during busy times.  

Most restaurants might be surprised to learn just how short a line will drive customers away. The Index pinpoints the line length that will cause customers to walk away from their favorite establishment in favor of a faster experience. However, if kiosk ordering is available, many customers will stick around.

Self-Service Kiosks Lead to More Visits Across All Age Groups

In the last three months, only 18 percent of customers surveyed have used a self-service ordering kiosk. However, 60 percent say they would visit a Fast Casual or QSR establishment more often if self-service kiosks were offered.  

It might be no surprise that tech-savvy millennials want to use these cutting-edge technologies, but Tillster's research shows that all age groups – even older ones – would turn to self-service kiosks to upgrade their experience in both QSR and Fast Casual establishments.  

Download the Self-Service Kiosk Index for more details on how restaurants can harness the power of self-service kiosks. 


The survey was conducted online within the United States by Tillster June 13-15, 2017, among 2,000 adults 18+ in the United States. No more than 20 percent of respondents are from any one state, and respondents must have eaten at a QSR or Fast Casual restaurant three times in the past three months.

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