Third-Party Delivery Boosts Pizza Chain's Bottom Line

Your Fare's allowed Amici's East Coast Pizzeria to quickly shift its 10 locations to takeout and delivery-only.

When dining rooms closed due to COVID-19, California-based Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria quickly shifted its 10 locations to takeout and delivery-only using its existing Your Fare online ordering system.

While Your Fare had been improving operational efficiencies for California-based Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria for two years, during COVID-19, having a streamlined third-party delivery strategy has been crucial.  Third-party delivery providers are providing a lifeline for consumers and restaurants alike during the COVID-19 pandemic.

25% Increase in Third-Party Delivery

Amici’s partnership with Your Fare allowed them to quickly shift its 10 locations to takeout and delivery-only without skipping a beat. The pizzeria chain was able to maximize profits - and support its staff. During COVID-19, third-party delivery orders increased by 25%.

As dining rooms remain closed, 34% of restaurants are prioritizing third-party delivery integration, according to this infographic.

“We’re very lucky,” said Amici’s Director of Operations John Killmon. “I know other people that have restaurants are scrambling to try to set up DoorDash or UberEats. They are only now going through the difficulty of testing systems with multiple tablets for different services that we went through before Your Fare.”

Your Fare software directly integrates with the chain’s POS system, InTouchPOSensuring 100% accuracy for Amici’s third-party delivery orders.

With Your Fare, employees utilize just one tablet when managing orders from all third-party delivery services rather than one tablet per delivery service. Your Fare tablets also offer LTE connectivity to ensure no orders are missed if Wi-Fi goes down.

This streamlined process saves time and labor, while ensuring Amici’s customers have a frictionless, error-free ordering experience that keeps them coming back.

“Having the relationship with the Your Fare team, not just the software, has given us confidence. The team has a finger on the pulse of what’s happening, and when this crisis happened, we’ve felt two steps ahead,” said Killmon.

Traditional Channels

One thing is for certain, “Phone orders are dwindling,” said Killmon. “In addition to phone orders, we receive a combination of orders straight from our website, our app, as well as deliveries we get through third parties.”

Amici’s has in-house delivery for online and app orders, and sometimes third-party delivery drivers are also used to fulfill orders that are phoned in. Plus, customers can also choose to pick up their orders on premise. “At the moment, we’re offering curbside and carryout options for our customers, but we are trying to take advantage of all the tools coming out in the industry,” said Killmon. "We value having control when it comes ensuring customer satisfaction."



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