Theatro Enters the Gaming and Hospitality Market with Deployment at the New Coyote Valley Casino

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Theatro Enters the Gaming and Hospitality Market with Deployment at the New Coyote Valley Casino


Theatro, a provider of voice-controlled mobile platforms for hourly service employees, announced that the new Coyote Valley Casino in California’s Mendocino County has implemented Theatro across its gaming floor, restaurants, and hospitality areas. This new connectivity between all Coyote Valley team members, departments, leadership, and enterprise systems enhances its ability to provide a differentiated level of service to guests through improved team collaboration, efficiency, and managerial effectiveness.

In the past, casino staff had to rely on legacy communication systems, including two-way radios, overhead paging, and walk-to-talk for support on the floor. Yet these approaches are inefficient, disruptive, and hinder a user’s ability to deliver outstanding guest service—an unacceptable outcome given today’s increasingly sophisticated consumers. Theatro’s in-ear Intelligent Voice Assistant gives hourly service employees “heads up, hands-free” connectivity that allows them to leverage not only the collective knowledge and support of their teammates, but also critical information housed in enterprise systems.

Casinos continue to attract a broad range of visitors who come seeking a full, immersive casino experience featuring gaming, dining, and entertainment. To meet these increasing expectations, Coyote Valley Casino turned to Theatro’s mobile technology to empower their staff with a platform that could help them respond to requests faster and more effectively. “Opening a new, full-service casino means we have to be able to deliver a rewarding and engaging experience to every guest on day one,” said Gary Murrey, general manager, Coyote Valley Casino. “No other vendor could ensure that every member of our floor staff and management team can effectively fulfill our customer promise right away like Theatro. Theatro has enabled us to build an engaged and informed workforce that defines the environment we want every guest to enjoy.”

Since deploying Theatro, the solution has helped them achieve:

  • An Elevated Guest Experience: Creating memorable guest experiences by enabling personalized, proactive, fast service through cross-functional team collaboration.
  • Connected and Collaborative Teams: Improving team engagement through real-time communication and messaging, allowing employees to tap into the expertise of their teammates, connect to leadership, share knowledge and recognize wins.
  • Operational Productivity: Reducing walk-to-talk and enhancing accountability through fast connections and closed-loop workflows among team members, leadership, departments and expert resources.
  • Manager Effectiveness: Delivering consistent daily team direction, key metrics, new initiative and promotional updates regardless of location or shift, ensuring the entire team is aligned on the same goals.

In addition, Theatro provides greater visibility into workforce performance, giving the Coyote Valley Casino team new insights into how productivity and communication drive success on the floor. With the latest in information and voice innovation from Theatro, Coyote Valley Casino is ensuring their employees have a competitive edge in setting the new standard in guest service.