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TE Connectivity Adds Open-Frame LCD Touchmonitor

TE Connectivity’s Elo TouchSystems 2243L, an open-frame LCD touchmonitor with an LED backlight that features a 16:9 aspect ratio, is suitable for gaming and retail markets. The 2243L expands the Elo family of touch solutions for gaming and amusement, information kiosks and self-service, as well as interactive digital signage applications, while delivering a cost-effective, durable touch solution for OEMs and system integrators.
Features and benefits
  • High definition LCD display offers ultimate HD interactivity, clarity and resolution
  • Size enables slimmer designs for narrower kiosks, with a portrait mode configuration for a larger display space in a smaller footprint
  • Viewing angle of 1700 x 1600, wider than most 22” touchmonitors, allows colors to remain sharp and graphics to retain their integrity in both portrait and landscape modes
  • Bright 250 nits panel
  • LED backlighting allows for state-of-the-art slim design by replacing bulky, glass CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) while reducing power consumption and generating less heat
  • Long-lasting product cycle, essential to maintaining continuity throughout project lifecycle rollouts
  • Optimized for use in high-traffic environments
  • Three-year warrant
  • Product Model Options
The 2243L is available with either TE Touch Solutions’ APR (Acoustic Pulse Recognition) touchscreen technology or IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave touchscreen technology. APR, the TE proprietary touchscreen technology, is activated by the touch of any stylus - pen, glove, bare finger or fingernail. IntelliTouch touchscreen technology is the optical standard of touch and widely used in kiosk and gaming applications. Both touchscreens have a pure glass surface that is resistant to scratches, water and other contaminants, providing a clear, bright and long-lasting performance.
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