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Tambourine Debuts Tout

In a recent blog post, Tambourine, a marketing technology company for hotels worldwide, announced the debut of a new product called Tout. Tout enables hotels to find, capture and obtain usage rights for guest-generated content on social media. Tout is said to have been tested at various hotels in recent months and is now available to all clients of Tambourine.

Hotel shoppers don’t trust advertising anymore, they only trust each other, said Tambourine said. Therefore, guest-generated stories, photos and videos are "pure marketing gold."

Tout works by first using technology so that Tambourine's social media team can locate relevant photos and stories posted on social media by guests at the hotel and nearby attractions. Once a guest photo or story has been identified, Tout instantly contacts the guest (via social media), thanks them for their post and asks for one-click permission to use the content in the hotel’s marketing campaigns. Once the guest has given their permission, the content is stored in a private online portal and the hotel has full legal usage rights to use the content in its own social media and any other marketing campaigns, including traditional print collateral.
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