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Tallinn Hotel Group Sees 216% Growth in Online Revenue

TallinnHotels is an accommodation provider with three properties in the capital city of Estonia. The company has been in the hospitality business since 2005, and manages a portfolio of luxury, business and budget hotels.
As one of the earlier adopters of online travel in the region, TallinnHotels has been selling inventory online for more than 10 years. With three different categories of hotels to manage, the revenue management team was struggling to update rates and availabilities to meet the dynamics of the market. Being a popular choice of guests, and not having the ability to immediately update its rooms and rates online, was a handicap for its revenue stream and constant hindrance for staff.
Finding a viable option to solve this issue became a priority for the hotel. TallinnHotels ultimately decided to sign up for RateTiger and since then, they have seen a complete change in their business results. 
“We have been using RateTiger Channel Manager to manage around 10 OTAs for each of our properties," says Maria Koldekivi, Revenue Manager at TallinnHotels. "The two-way connection between RateTiger Channel Manager and our Property Management System delivers ARI and reservations seamlessly between the PMS and OTAs in real-time. With a multi-property PMS for our 3 hotels, it would be impossible if reservations were not automatically delivered into our PMS.”
Maria is also using LIVE OS, the hospitality operating system developed by eRevMax, to manage other technology solutions from the dashboard to monitor performance. eRevMax’s integration with IDeaS RMS has enabled them to access rate recommendations on the dashboard to create the most attractive and competitive rates.
“The best thing about LIVE OS is having all the information in one place," Koldekivi commented. "I can also set my goals as it helps me measure expectations with performance. The comprehensive information has made it easy for us to identify guest behavior and best performing channels for creating promotional packages based on guest segmentation."
Since implementing RateTiger and LIVE OS, Tallinn Hotels has seen a significant increase in room-night bookings and online revenue over the past few years.
“Our online exposure has increased dramatically," Koldekivi said. "RateTiger’s integration with leading global and regional OTAs has ensured that we sell on the right channels. As a result, our online revenue has grown by over 216%. I would happily recommend eRevMax solutions to hotels looking for a distribution management solutions. They offer stable connections backed with exceptional service."
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