Talbott Hotel Honored by EPA with Green Power Leadership Club Membership

After becoming just one of five hotels in Chicago to be awarded the Green Seal Certification, The Talbott Hotel has now been bestowed membership to the 2008 Green Power Leadership Club by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in recognition of its exemplary environmental leadership. The family-owned, boutique hotel in Chicago's Gold Coast is being honored for its efforts to operate a 100% carbon neutral property by purchasing renewable wind energy credits that offset the hotel's entire carbon footprint. The hotel not only met the minimum requirements for the EPA's Green Power Partnership, but reached the ten-fold qualifications of the Green Power Leadership Club. 

"It is truly an honor to be recognized by the highest authority in the country on environmental sustainability," says Talbott general manager Troy Strand. "Sustainability without compromise is a mantra we not only believe in, but act on each and every day and we now have one more plaque to validate our team's enormous efforts."
In order for the 149-room Talbott to achieve Green Seal certification, the hotel must adhere to stringent guidelines set out by Green Seal on an ongoing basis. These include requirements in waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste water management and green procurement. Operationally, the hotel staff has established and proudly maintains recycling programs, uses recyclable consumer paper products, uses non-phosphate and biodegradable supplies, ensures guest room amenities such as soaps and shampoo are the smallest practical size and even donates the partially used amenities to a charity that recycles them for the needy. Other technical components to their efforts include installing energy efficient equipment and lighting, water conserving fixtures and automatic sensors for lighting and AC/heating in low traffic areas.

The Talbott lets guests decide whether or not they would like to join the effort by activating the "eco-mode" on specially designed thermostats in their rooms. The simple one-touch button alerts the staff, through a wireless network, that the guest has chosen to have the bed and bath linens replaced every other day. It also allows the room temperature to automatically adjust within 8 degrees while guests are out of the room. To further involve guests in the process, The Talbott purchases a one-month carbon offset for each guest that participates in the program in order to erase their electrical carbon footprint at home, continuing their Green participation long after check out is complete.
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