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Taco Bell Tests TacoBot

Taco Bell has teamed with Slack, a messaging platform, to allow diners to order food via an instant messaging service. The service allows customers to place pickup orders through the messaging app for select menu items.
Slack is a messaging platform that is used by companies for internal communications. According to the Taco Bell blog, “the ultimate goal is to get you working less and living more so Slack made things like centralizing conversations, sharing files and communicating via GIFs way easier. And soon you’ll be able to order Taco Bell whenever the mood strikes through the magic of artificial intelligence.”
According to a report by Fortune, TacoBot will be able to answer questions, recommend items, and "be fully equipped with the sharp and witty personality you’d expect from Taco Bell.”  
Guests simply install Tacobot and can then start asking it questions about the menu. From there guests connect to their account, choose a pickup location and order.   
Tacobot is currently in private beta mode and getting ready for a wider rollout. The feature is being tested with Giphy, FullScreen, Thought Catalog, FoodBeast, SAV Studios and others to, according to the blog, “help TacoBot grow into all it can be.”
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