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Tableside System Encourages Littlest Bar Customers to Pour the Perfect Pint

In a move to differentiate themselves from the competition, the Littlest Bar in Boston's financial district recently installed an Irish-manufactured beer dispensing system, called the DraftMaster, that allows patrons to pour their own pints at the table. Ellickson International's DraftMaster first hit the United States when it was installed into a Philadelphia bar in March of 2010.

The DraftMaster promises to facilitate greater profits due to a variety of different features. For bar owners and bartenders, having the tap at the table means that they are limiting waste while giving patrons more control over the pouring process.

At the same time, the DraftMaster gives bartenders and bar owners more control than traditional serving methods such as pitchers or pint glasses. With an operating system behind the bar that links directly to each table, the bartender has the power to shut off the tap and stop the flow of beer whenever they see fit.

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