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Survey Reveals Changes in Dining Habits

A survey conducted this month by, an online dining rewards program, found that 36% of those surveyed are dining out less than they were three months ago. The survey also found that while over a third of consumers may be dining out less, respondents still see it as an essential activity. Only one percent of all diners surveyed stated that they have cut out restaurant visits altogether, and 63% of the respondents stated that they were dining out the same amount or more compared to three months ago.

The economy was cited as the main reason by those reporting a drop in dining activity. Thirty-four percent of these respondents stated that they have less disposable income, while 27% mentioned the increased cost of dining out. Looking at all respondents, regardless of their dining activity, 80% reported that they are cutting back on other non-essential items.

Dining habits are indeed changing: a third of the respondents report that they are choosing less expensive restaurants. An approximately equal number of consumers (36%) are using coupons to get discounts or taking advantage of special offers from restaurants (35%). Other consumers (20%) report that they are passing on extras with their meals like desserts or alcohol.

Diners are being resourceful in finding ways to reduce costs and increase the value of their dining experience. Seventy-five percent of respondents said that given the current economic conditions, earning dining rewards savings at restaurants is important to them.
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