STUDY: Consumers’ Great Expectations for Technology

When it comes to smart technology, Americans expect it at hospitality venues. Plus, 80% of consumers prefer to visit restaurants where they know all staff are treated well.
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When it comes to smart technology, 70% of Americans expect it to be part of almost every venue soon. That’s according to new research by me&u, a global hospitality at-table ordering solution. In partnership with YouGov, Red Havas and Havas Labs, this report provides an in-depth look into the changes from the customer perspective and explores new predictions that hotel and restaurant operators will adopt throughout the next decade.

Consumers are also expecting inclusivity from operators, Web3 in hospitality, a growing concern for excess waste,  non-alcoholic movement, and more.

The study found that among other key indicators:

  • 66% of Americans say they would use a food service app which allowed them to split the bill easily with friends
  • One third (33%) of Americans expect all bars and restaurants to offer a good range of alcohol-free beverages.
  • 52% of Millennials say they would like to be able to try a new venue in the metaverse to see what it is like before visiting it in real life.
  • 80% Americans agree that they prefer bars and restaurants that cater for all budgets with good value for money options.
  • Customers expect restaurants and bars to be supportive of diversity and inclusion with three quarters (76%) agreeing that all bars and restaurants should be accessible and welcoming to those with physical or mental disabilities.
  • 80% Americans say they prefer to visit bars and restaurants where they know all staff are treated well.

Data and Personalization 

Smart technology is here to stay, and while Americans embrace tech in virtually every other aspect of their lives and are accustomed to utilizing QR codes, the innovation throughout hospitality venues will continue to be both embraced and encouraged.

86% of restaurants surveyed say they’re leveraging POS data for loyalty programs and for upselling/special offers in 2022, according to HT's 2022 POS Software Trends report

The majority (70%) of Americans who go to bars and restaurants expect that smart technology will be part of almost all bars and restaurants in the near future, and most (66%) would use a food service app which allowed them to split the bill easily with friends. However, 8 in 10 (81%) agree that while technology can be useful, they feel bars and restaurants are all about people and human interactions. 

With the rise of hyper-personalized venues comes the need to tailor the experience to every unique visitor. Half (49%) of consumers surveyed were found to be more likely to visit venues that use technology to give them a personalized menu that's unique to their tastes, including tailored beverage recommendations.

From Contactless to Crypto: The Changing State of Digitalization in Hospitality


Web3 will affect how we make payments going forward. Facilitating borderless, peer-to-peer, and multiple tokens and blockchains, Web3 will convert whatever you have in your wallet to payment - bitcoin, NFT or other digital currency options. Hospitality venues of the future will also see the role of the metaverse coming into play. me&u's findings showed most Millennials (52%) agreed they'd be interested in trying a new venue in the metaverse first and half (50%) would be interested in a venue using the metaverse to experience virtual reality activities, such as virtual tours of the region they selected their wine from.

Wendy's has opened its first VR restaurant.  

About the Research

The research is based on an online survey of n=2,296 Americans 18-65 years who visit bars and restaurants. The survey was conducted between 21-27 June 2022. Final results were weighted by age, gender and location to ensure they are representative of the broader population.

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