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Wendy's Opens First VR Restaurant

The QSR collaborates with Horizon Worlds creators to expand Wendy's world with a first-of-its-kind immersive virtual 3D experience.

Wendy's® is teaming up with creators in Meta's Horizon Worlds to make (virtual) dreams come true with the grand opening of the Wendyverse™ in Horizon Worlds on April 2. Virtual reality becomes reality as Wendyverse gives fans all-new 3D opportunities to virtually interact with each other and the brand – as only Wendy's can. 


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Wendys Virtual Restaurant

"For years we've been meeting our fans in unexpected ways and places with our unique approach to social media, gaming and engagement," said Carl Loredo, chief marketing officer for The Wendy's Company. "We're excited to take this to the next level by launching the Wendyverse in Meta's Horizon Worlds and bringing a totally new dimension of access to our fans. Truly a first of its kind, the Wendyverse bridges the best of today with tomorrow to show up for our fans across every world - with a Frosty® and fries in hand."

The Wendyverse is more than a virtual restaurant. It's a virtual Wendy's world that starts with a virtual Wendy's restaurant. In the first phase of the Wendyverse, fans with a Meta Quest 2 can venture into a whole new delicious world built by community creators:

  • Wendyverse Town Square Central: A Wendy's restaurant fans know and love – replicated in the virtual world. Players can go behind the counter, meet up with friends and get ready for a mouth-watering adventure. Virtual hot & crispy fries, anyone?
  • Wendyverse Partnership Plaza: Just in time for the madness, players can head over to The Buck BiscuitDome where they can storm the court, shoot hoops with a virtual Baconator® and cut the net following a winning shot. The Ws don't stop there as fans can score a Sausage or Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit for just a buck* IRL - in-app or in-restaurant - from April 1 through May 1.  Yep, biscuit for a buck is back. You're going to want to get back into the real world for this one.

Launched in 2021, Horizon Worlds is a free social experience that allows people to explore, play and connect in new and extraordinary ways with immersive VR. Users can discover new places with friends, compete in action-packed games and interactive experiences, and design worlds of their own or be inspired by others. In Horizon Worlds, people are more than just visitors — they're part of what makes it great.

"The full vision of metaverse may be years away, but brands should start experimenting on what their metaverse presence will be now," said Vishal Shah, Meta's Vice President of Metaverse. "There are experiences like Horizon Worlds which can give people a feeling of what it means to be together in an experience — it's a great place to start."

"Wendy's, Meta's Creative Shop and Horizon Worlds creators worked together to bring this experience to life," said Nicky Bell, Meta's Vice President of Creative Shop. "Wendy's has always been an innovative leader in how they work with creators - building this world is a great example of how brands can show up in Horizon Worlds in intentional, meaningful ways with their communities."

Those without a Quest 2 can check out a viewer-only version, and out of this world deals, by visiting starting April 2See you in the Wendyverse. 

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