R Collection Hotels Sells Its First NFT Stay

NFT cost approximately 4,000 Euros and was for a two-night open date stay between May and December 2022 for two guests.
Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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R Collection Logo and Takyon Logo

On April 15, 2022, the R Collection Hotels Group, a four and five star hotel chain, and Takyon, an extremely dynamic and consolidated start-up in the world of Web3 – the new era of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology - sold their first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on OpenSea.

In this way, R Collection Hotels affirms its active online presence in the Web3, where it is possible to buy and exchange everything that is holistic and experimental, today also in the world of hospitality.

NFT’s selling price is about 4,000 euros for an exclusive stay at R Collection Hotels’ Grand Hotel Victoria, a luxurious five-star hotel in Menaggio, on Lake Como. It is a two-night Open Date stay from May to December 2022 for two people in an Exclusive Suite overlooking the lake, including an Exclusive Diner and Spa access with massage treatment included, again for two people.

In this prestigious context, the NFT owner, by joining the Takyon community, will be able to enjoy interesting opportunities on the official launch of the Takyon platform, which will take place by the end of May 2022, with personalized offers, discounts and giveaways through Crypto Airdrop, exclusive events and many other surprises. All within a Carbon Neutrality framework of the stay thanks to a partnership with Up2Youche allows for zero CO2 emissions from facilities and events. Of course, the buyer is guaranteed the opportunity to resell the NFT, again through the Takyon platform, by December 2022, the last date to take advantage of it.

With this step, the R Collection Hotels Group's strategy towards an expansion of its portfolio of activities and experiences begins to materialize, with the goal of reaching a range of customers who are heading to the future and will also be active in the metaverse. It is about creating a platform where customers can buy via cryptocurrency, in the form of NFTs, goods and services such as a classic or more special stay, an unusual guided tour, an experience that is hard to find in the traditional booking world, continuing to explore the futuristic potential of blockchain, Web 3 and the metaverse.

With Takyon, the customer buys the right to stay in a completely innovative way, and once they physically stay at the Grand Hotel Victoria in Menaggio, their experience will become truly unforgettable.

The benefits of this formula also lie in the interchangeability of reservation within a community, not to mention that NFT- unlike all other traditional modes – not only guarantees virtually infinite modes of development, but also solutions that move in the direction of environmental sustainability.

Through this initiative, R Collection Hotels aims to be a forerunner of a future in the virtual world of hospitality, in a shared reality through the Internet and in a new concept of VR tourism that will lead to tangible benefits both economically and in terms of functionality.