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Stantive Technology Group, Vantiq Partner to Deliver Better Customer Engagement

Stantive Technologies Group and Vantiq announced a strategic partnership to bring more intelligent targeting and personalization to their shared customers and drive customer engagement.

Stantive's OrchestraCMS is a content management system built 100% native on the Salesforce App Cloud. OrchestraCMS enables customers to leverage content including text, media, documents, and Salesforce data across digital channels, Salesforce Communities, mobile and business applications.

Vantiq's namesake product is a cloud-based SaaS application for building and operating smart systems that sense streaming information from multiple systems and devices, analyze the data in real-time, apply machine learning algorithms and then act to deliver personalized mobile experiences.

While OrchestraCMS already offers target group granularity, Vantiq adds the ability to automatically create more fine-grained targeting categories that evolve over time. Vantiq also extends OrchestraCMS with the ability to intelligently recommend content based on the real-time activities and behavior of their users and their environment.
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