Sprawling Alaskan Restaurant Combats Server Paging Dead Zones

The Pump House restaurant in Fairbanks, Alaska, is a piece of living history. Since 1933, this unique establishment has transported customers to another time and place, thanks to its signature blend of one-of-a-kind antiques, magnificent natural setting, and, quite possibly, the freshest seafood you’ll ever savor.
Over the years, The Pump House has grown in both popularity and size, compelling owner Bill Bubbel to implement new technology that can keep pace with the demands of the business; his most recent upgrade is a server paging system from HME Wireless.
According to Bubbel, the older technology of a competitive system was simply unable to deliver the range and reliability needed in a sprawling restaurant like The Pump House — a restaurant that features two large dining rooms, as well as the Senator Saloon, Banquet Room, Antique Game Room, and a huge outside deck.
“We were losing 25 percent of the pages from the kitchen to our servers,” says Bubbel. “Managers had to run around to see if people were feeling the vibration when it was time to pick up food.”
Durability also a must-have
Reliability was also an issue for Bubbel, who was turning over a couple of dozen pagers a year for repair -- at great expense. With the new technology in place, Bubbel says he has sent back less than five pagers over the last three years. And Bubbel is thrilled with the technical support he gets from HME Wireless. “The big issue way up here is service and support,” says Bubbel. “We need products that will last, and are supported when we need it, so paying for quality has been well worth it.”
In a restaurant that’s been around since 1933, change is constant. Implementing the new system though was a snap for The Pump House management and staff. Bubbel notes that it was as simple as “unplugging the old transmitter, and plugging in the new one.”
Bubbel also described the process of working the new system into his operation as “flawless,” with no special staff or mechanical training required. And Bubbel has seen a huge difference in the performance and impact of the new paging system. “Now when servers get paged, they know it every time. They feel the vibration and there’s no excuse -- come pick up the food now.”
The extended range and reliability of the system has also given Pump House service staff greater confidence in their kitchen counterparts, knowing that when they feel the vibration, the food will be there hot, and ready to be delivered.
Constant improvement and “keeping up with the times” has kept The Pump House successful for decades. And now with an upgraded server paging system the legacy can continue. “We got exactly what we were looking for (in the new system),” says Bubbel. “Newer, improved technology, and stress-free reliability -- everyone’s happy with it.”
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