SpeedLine POS Fulfills Visa PABP Security Requirements

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SpeedLine POS Fulfills Visa PABP Security Requirements

SpeedLine Solutions, a provider of pizza point of sale systems, successfully fulfilled all the Visa Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) requirements and filed a completed Report on Validation with Visa.

For expediency, some POS companies have submitted only the payment processing components of their software to the PABP validation process. SpeedLine chose instead to commission an intensive third-party audit of the entire SpeedLine POS product lines, including peripheral applications, as well as all company processes relating to product development, training, and data security.

In consultation with information security assessor Coalfire Systems, the SpeedLine software was secured and verified top to bottom. Safeguards are in place at multiple levels to prevent unauthorized access to confidential data.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) were developed to ensure the protection and security of consumer credit card information. To combat fraud, credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard now require merchants to comply with PCI-DSS. A PABP-compliant point of sale system is one key requirement.

Successfully completing the PABP audit process confirms that SpeedLine POS v6 can be installed securely as a key component of a PCI-compliant restaurant operation. SpeedLine users can now assure their guests that at their restaurants, all credit card information is protected. 

The SpeedLine's PABP Implementation Guide also provides POS users with additional information needed for understand the PCI and PABP standards and how to apply them to safeguard their guests' cardholder information.