Specialty's Café & Bakery Implements AI-Powered Demand-Ready Labor Platform

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Legion Technologies announced that Specialty's Café & Bakery is live with Legion for end-to-end scheduling and forecasting across their 54 locations in California, Washington and Illinois. Specialty’s is using Legion’s AI-powered demand-ready labor platform to forecast catering demand and match it with labor, and to automate scheduling based on customer demand, the demands of their business and the preferences of their employees.

Specialty’s blends the best proven food techniques with the advantages of modern technology ordering, and hand-produces delicious culinary creations in each store daily for Café customers and Business Catering clients. Their focus on the application of technology to make better products and manage their business effectively drove them to find a labor platform to match demand with labor and delight their customers with exceptional service.

“We are strategic about our use of technology,” said Pau Cortes, CEO at Specialty’s, “Legion proved to us that the application of AI for forecasting demand, and scheduling labor accordingly can help us stay a local customer favorite and a preferred corporate caterer for companies of all sizes.”

Legion’s forecasting capabilities, powered by machine learning algorithms, will be applied to anticipate demand, especially on the catering side of the business, taking into consideration internal drivers such as historical figures, sales growth and promotions, alongside external drivers that range for nearby events to weather conditions around their locations. Forecast in hand, the system will match demand with employee preferences, engaging them through an intuitive mobile app that takes care of it all.

Sanish Mondkar, CEO of Legion Technologies, emphasized the importance of AI in Legion’s labor platform. “This level of precision in forecasting, which we consistently see at a 98% accuracy level, could not be possible without the use of Artificial Intelligence, which can ‘see’ patterns humans often miss, due to the increasing complexities and competitiveness in the restaurant industry, and apply them instantly.”