Sonic Pilots 71-Store Mobile Ordering Pilot

Sonic Drive-In is piloting a 71-store mobile and online ordering pilot through OLO Online Ordering. Titled "Sonic On the Go," the program will allow customers to order online and via their mobile devices. A unique feature to the platform allows drivers to order remotely via mobile phone, and drive up to Sonic with their food waiting for pickup at the stall of the drive-thru.
The pilot, in partnership with Mason-Harrison-Ratlif Enterprise LLC, the largest Sonic Drive-In franchisee group, includes 71 stores in 5 different markets including Phoenix, AZ, Lubbock, TX, Rockford, IL, Chicago, IL, and Augusta, GA.  
"We are excited to launch Sonic On the Go and anticipate OLO providing both incremental sales and a platform for more expedited service for our loyal guests,” says Jim Prentice, operations director for Mason-Harrison-Ratlif. “In addition to being a fantastic new technology, the service is cost effective and all orders are prepaid and integrate into our merchant accounts. Our operators and principal partners participating in the test are very optimistic that we will capture new sales and profits by using the service."
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