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Social Media Marketing Solution Gives Hotels Access to Hyper-Targeted Lead Gen

12/10/2014 has announced the launch of Leads, giving hotels the ability to use the social media conversation going on around their location as a tool for effective lead generation. While in beta, the solution provided businesses with 30% click-through rate on offers, as well as a 25% increase in social media followers. Leads enables hotels to easily identify and offer rewards to top influencers posting content from or about their hotel, adding to’s suite of existing marketing and sales tools.
Leads represents the next step in digital marketing, allowing hotels to leverage the authenticity of personal interaction by enabling them to deliver a precise, personal, and hyper-targeted experience to the consumer. Leads gives businesses the power to drive conversion by turning their users’ tweets, photos and videos into click-through.
Leads is a next-generation marketing platform for customer engagement and is ideally suited for hotels where there is a near-constant stream of social media content being created around shareable experiences. Hotel marketers and owners can access a detailed list of which customers have been posting content from their location on social media, sorted by their reach, influence and followers. They can then personally interact with these key influencers directly, on the social media network they originally posted from, and offer them rewards or incentives to share their experiences with friends and followers from their networks.
Boutique hotels can offer happy hour specials in response to tweets posted from their lobbies.  This kind of interaction builds a direct relationship between the business owner and the individual customer, thereby improving on the conversion rates of less targeted outreach efforts like online advertising, remarketing or even Facebook campaigns.
By giving hotels a tool to index their community of customers with detailed and intuitive analytics, Leads turns social media into a real resource for generating new revenue.
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